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The Best Antivirus for iOS

Keep your iPhone and iPad safe when watching porn online

Best Overall
Norton Mobile Security
Norton Mobile Security
  • Great malware detection.
  • App Advisor for checking new software.
  • Fast scanning.
  • Add-on LifeLock ID protection.
Best Value for Money
Bitdefender Mobile Security
Bitdefender Mobile Security
  • Excellent malware defenses
  • Low-overhead scanning
  • Useful extra features
Best for All in One Protection
McAfee Mobile Security
McAfee Mobile Security
  • Good protection
  • Simple and streamlined app
  • Includes VPN

In the realm of smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads have established themselves as trusted companions, seamlessly blending technology and style. As an iPhone or iPad user who enjoys browsing adult websites, it's crucial to be aware of the potential security risks that lurk in this domain and take proactive steps to safeguard your online experiences.

While iOS devices are known for their robust security features, it's important to acknowledge that adult websites can still pose threats such as malware, phishing scams, and intrusive advertisements. To ensure your browsing sessions on porn sites remain safe and secure, it's essential to have a reliable antivirus solution tailored specifically for your iPhone or iPad.

This article aims to guide you through the process of choosing the best antivirus software for iOS, offering comprehensive protection as you explore the world of adult content. I understand the unique challenges and vulnerabilities associated with browsing porn sites on iPhones and iPads, and I am here to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to fortify your online security.

By exploring the key considerations and highlighting essential features of antivirus programs for iOS, I will empower you to make an informed decision. Whether you're a casual visitor or an enthusiastic explorer of adult websites, having the right antivirus software is paramount to defend against malicious threats, preserve your privacy, and enjoy a worry-free browsing experience.

But hold on a sec, let's tackle the elephant in the room: why would you trust security advice from someone who spends their time reviewing porn sites? Well, here's the scoop: I may be an adult industry expert, but I'm also a tech enthusiast. Take this website, for example—it's my own creation, not some run-of-the-mill WordPress blog. And guess what? I use my trusty iPad to explore porn sites all the time. So believe me when I say I've got the inside scoop on keeping your iPad safe. Don't worry, my expertise extends far beyond adult content—I've got you covered when it comes to iOS security.

Antivirus For iPhone

Top Antivirus for your IPhone and IPad

  1. Norton Mobile Security
  2. Bitdefender Mobile Security
  3. McAfee Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for IPhone and IPad: Detailed Reviews

1. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security

Best overall for IPhone and IPad

Norton Mobile Security offers robust malware protection and privacy defenses, but it lacks a free version and anti-theft features. It provides fast scanning, app advisor, and add-on LifeLock ID protection. Norton's Android app has a strong track record in malware detection. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and pricing varies depending on the plan and additional services chosen.

Pros: Cons:
- Great malware detection. - Does not have anti-theft features.
- App Advisor for checking new software.
- Fast scanning.
- Add-on LifeLock ID protection.
  • Norton 360: Mobile Security offers great malware protection and privacy defenses.
  • Norton 360: Mobile Security can defend against various attacks and protect online identity.
  • It has fast scanning capabilities and works with a wide variety of browsers.
  • The app provides warnings for potentially dangerous apps from the Play Store and can help recover from a ransomware attack.
  • Norton offers extensive identity protection services as add-on menu items with three tiers of protection and insurance.
  • The app does not include anti-theft features and the Secure VPN is not available with the Android app alone.
  • Norton 360: Mobile Security specifications include URL protection, PUA and malware scanning, ad blocking, VPN (available with specific plans), and more.
  • There is no free version, but a 14-day trial is available.
  • To access the VPN, users need to choose the Deluxe, Premium, or Ultimate Plus plans.
  • LifeLock identity protection service can be added to Deluxe and Premium subscriptions at an additional cost.
  • The Norton 360: Mobile Security app provides strong malware protection and defends against ransomware.
  • It offers real-time monitoring, smart scan, and app security features.
  • The app performes very well in malware detection.
  • Norton 360: Mobile Security works on Android version 8 or higher, as well as iOS and iPadOS (current and previous two versions).

Check the price for Norton Mobile Security here

2. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security is highly recommended as a comprehensive and affordable Android antivirus app with top-notch malware protection. It offers a range of useful features, has a minimal impact on system performance, and consistently performs well in malware detection tests. Besides, it provides excellent value for money and deserves consideration for securing iOS devices.

Pros: Cons:
- Excellent malware defenses - Not the fastest scanner
- Low-overhead scanning - iOS version has more limited features
- Useful extra features
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security is recommended as the best overall choice for mobile protection, offering excellent malware defenses, low-overhead scanning, and useful extra features.
  • The app provides top-notch malware protection, with real-time scanning and detection of various threats.
  • It has a small system impact and offers an affordable premium version.
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security includes features such as web browser warnings, privacy protection, scam protection, and protection against unwanted app installations.
  • While it may not be the fastest scanner, it uses a combination of local and cloud-based analysis to stay ahead of hackers.
  • The app has over 10 million downloads and a high rating on the Google Play Store.
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security offers URL protection, PUA and malware scanning, ad blocking, remote data wipe, and a VPN with the Premium Security plan.
  • There are other Bitdefender packages available, including cross-platform options and a Netgear router with Bitdefender Armor security software.
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security performs well in malware detection tests, consistently achieving perfect scores.
  • The app's web protection feature can warn against unsafe websites and block phishing and crypto-mining scripts.
  • It is compatible with various browsers, including popular ones like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security is also available for iOS, but with more limited features due to Apple's restrictions.
  • Bitdefender's subscriptions do not include full identity packages like Norton's LifeLock add-ons.
  • The app requires Android version 5 (Lollipop) or newer and can protect some Chromebooks as well.
  • WearOS watches are also supported with additional features like malware protection and alarm functionality.
  • The app offers reliable malware detection and has a good track record in comparatives surveys.
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security provides excellent protection for Android devices at an affordable price.

Check the price for Bitdefender Mobile Security here

3. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security is a simplified antivirus app that offers malware protection, privacy features, and identity monitoring. It lacks some features compared to previous versions and does not provide comparative malware effectiveness data. The app is reasonably priced and competes with other antivirus apps in the market.

Pros: Cons:
- Good protection - Discontinued major features from the previous version
- Simple and streamlined app - Inability to set destination on VPN
- Includes VPN
  • McAfee Mobile Security is a streamlined Android antivirus app that combines malware scanning, web protection with dark web scanning, and VPN access.
  • McAfee Mobile Security offers URL protection, PUA and malware scanning, and a Wi-Fi scanner, but lacks features like ad blocking, remote data wipe, SIM card lock, anti-theft, and app locking.
  • McAfee Mobile Security has two versions: Basic plan for a single device with malware scanning and basic online identity monitoring, and Total Protection plan which adds VPN and covers up to five devices.
  • There are cross-platform subscriptions available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, with different plans and pricing options.
  • The app focuses on security, privacy, and identity protection, but lacks features like app lock, guest mode, memory booster, and storage cleaner.
  • McAfee Mobile Security does not participate in third-party malware tests, making it difficult to compare its effectiveness to other antivirus apps.
  • The app has a minimal impact on system performance, with a slight decrease in the phone's ability to perform tasks and a modest performance decline during system scanning.
  • McAfee Mobile Security can be tried for 30 days on up to five devices before purchasing.

Check the price for McAfee Mobile Security here