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Daftsex is dead! is gone. Here is how to find a good alternative.

Daftsex is dead!

Last October, still had 79 million visitors, making it the 326th most visited website in the world and the 36th most visited in the adult category, according to Similarweb.

Since November 12, 2022, seems to be dead. The domain itself redirects to Redtube and if you try to access the https version of the site, you get a security error because the server does not send a valid https certificate.

The alternative domain still works, but it is merely a home page without any content now that the main domain is down. Besides, it displays a message saying that health status is "down".

What happened to

Daftsex may not have been the most respectful from the copyrights. So, its disappearance may have something to do with it. But in the last months, there where more and more problems with the site: missing videos, problems while streaming videos... So, the sudden disappearance of the website may also be due to a technical problem.

Is Daftsex Gone For Good?

On the page, there is a message saying that they "Will recover soon". So there might still be hope for! But will it come back in a day, a month or a year? Or ever? Only time will tell. In the mean time, you should find a good alternative!

What are goods alternatives to Daftsex?

On the webpage, the webmasters send the visitors to and Those are porn sites with full scenes videos, just like Daftsex, but based on a search bar. The main problem with those websites is that there is still more Russian than on Daftsex, making them difficult to use if you do not speak Russian.

List some alternatives with descriptions, then send back to other pages.

So to find a better alternative, I suggest you browse our free porn sites with full scenes list or our free porn tubes sites list. You can also check our list of sites like Daftsex down below.

EDIT: Daftsex is back! Get the new url here!